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Muscle Weighs more than Fat?

One myth I hear often is that "muscle weighs more than fat."

FACTS= They both weigh the same! If I have 5 lbs. of Bricks and 5 lbs. of feathers, which one weighs more? Think about it.

They weigh the same. 5 lbs. is 5 lbs. no matter if it's bricks, feathers, muscle or fat.

People try to explain why they weigh as much as another person, yet look so much more fit. They say it's because muscle weighs more than fat. I understand the intentions, and they are "almost" right.

In reality, what they are trying to say is that muscle is denser than fat. 1 lb. of muscle weighs the same as 1 lb. of fat. Muscle does weigh more than fat - when comparing similar sizes, which essentially density. That will make you heavier at a smaller size.

The takeaway- Muscle is much denser than fat, which means muscle occupies less space or volume in the body compared to fat. Muscle has a leaner appearance due to its high density whereas fat occupies more space or volume in the body.

2 people could weigh the same but could look very different depending on their body composition - a person with high body-fat percentage versus a person with high lean muscle percentage will be in two different sizes of clothes and health risks.

Stay motivated, stay happy, stay positive and continue to make your Future greater than your Past!

- Matt

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