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"Working out doesn't come naturally to me. I never felt committed to one workout plan or diet routine. MADE FITNESS has changed my mindset! I simply love your workouts. The energy, the variety and how much you can sweat in such a short time with little to no weights. I started your workouts during quarantine and don't plan on stopping anytime soon. Thank you Matt!"

- Melissa P.

"It was the middle of the pandemic I was losing the drive to complete home workouts. I was missing every part of lifting weights at a normal gym. Working out has been my outlet and like everyone, I lost that. I continued to help other people everyday, but wasn't helping myself. I kept seeing Matt post his "IG Live" workouts and finally was able to participate in one. I have not looked back ever since. It has been about 6 weeks of being a part of the MADE community. You can take these workouts anywhere, from your living room to a weekend getaway. He has programmed workouts to suit everyone, from bodyweight to dumbbell workouts, to a combination of both. Not only does he have so many different types of workouts, he has modifications for every movement. Motivation is something that Matt makes sure is a part of every video. He NEVER stops coaching, cheering you on, talking you through each movement, and understands every workout might not be your best. Regular gyms are open now and I can't see myself going back anytime soon because of MADE. Thank you."

-Stacy R.

"Before I started taking MADE Fitness classes, working out had fallen off for me between a busy schedule, young child and the quarantine. As someone who used to regularly exercise, it led me to feeling out of shape, mentally stressed and physically weak. Thankfully, after trying just a couple of MADE Fitness classes, I was quickly hooked thanks to Matt's enthusiastic and encouraging approach to fitness. The convenience and variety of his workouts have me back on the right path and feeling more motivated than I have been in a long time. It feels good to be back on the right path. Thanks Matt!" 

- Mark R.

"As a new mom, I want to work out but have little time to do so. MADE Fitness has truly worked for me as I can pick whatever level class I want to do and on my own sporadic schedule. I am able to burn as many calories in a 25-minute Restless Tabata workout than I have with a 45-minute spin class. I can now eliminate babysitters and drive time to/from the gym, as well. MADE Fitness has given me the ability for self-care, no more excuses!"

- Andrea R.

I heard about Matt through my old gym as he taught a virtual class on Tuesdays that became available to our location. It was SUCH a great workout so during the height of the height of the pandemic, when gyms were closed, I made a point to make sure I never missed a Tuesday night Fuel class. However, as time when on I found it hard to keep up with my virtual gym membership. Not only was it expensive, but I was chained to the timeslots the gym offered virtual classes. One Tuesday I heard Matt talk about his Turkey Trot Challenge, and membership for his workout program. I signed up right away and after a week canceled my gym membership. I have never looked back! Made Fitness has everything - HIIT and Strength Training workouts that are SUPER effective, energy-inducing, and fun. Most of all this program is convenient. I was worried I wouldn't stay committed when I did have a "time slot" or a "class" to attend - but the exact opposite happened. I have held myself MORE accountable, and workout more now than I did before. The challenge group and the planned workouts really kept me regimented and then when December hit, I continued to do these workouts daily. They are all less than an hour (most are 30 minutes) and the library is extensive, so you never feel like you do the same workout twice. Also it's convenient - I have the option to get up and workout in the morning, or if I have a busy day - I sign in after work. I try to do as many instagram live workouts as I can too! Even though the workouts are 30-45 minutes, make no mistake - these are INTENSE - and after 6 weeks I already feel stronger than I have before. I am looking forward to kicking off 2021 right with these workouts and getting in the best shape I possibly can for my May 2021 wedding. Matt is seriously the best - so motivating, inspiring, and encouraging. During this pandemic, I realized how much my mental health was taking a hit. I was sad, down in the dumps because of all that 2020 served up to us, and always found excuses not to workout at home. This program really turned me around - and not only am I committed, and feeling physically amazing, I am in a MUCH better headspace, taking care of my mental health and more optimistic about the future than I was before. And for THAT I'm eternally grateful to Matt and Made Fitness CT.

- Kiley T.

"MADE Fitness in 3 words: Variety, Sweat, Results! Being able to choose your own workout is amazing! Each class is different from the last. No matter what class you choose you will end it with sweat dripping from you! Matt is so motivating and his main concern is YOU! I have been using Matt's workouts along with diet and have had great weight loss results!!! THANKS MATT!!!

- Nicole S.

"I started MADE Fitness workouts back in March and have stuck with them since. I've seen such great results in such a short amount of time. Matt is incredibly motivating and truly has YOUR best interest in mind. He not only offers amazing exercises but also focuses a lot of energy on helping others become their best. He even offers modifications during the workout so they're accessible for all. I always recommend people to try his workouts because they really are THAT good!

- Chelsea C.

From Day 1of Matt's free covid workouts, I realized his selfless commitment to mind, body and wellness. Everything I believed in and lived. But with all my healthy active lifestyle choices, I wasn't seeing any physical change, until Matt kicked my old ass and I went back for more! I swore to myself during quarantine to keep my 3-4 times per week workout & yoga routine, but how? Matt's full-body HIIT workouts kept me on task and made real change happen! No joke. His enthusiastic energy & discipline are unmatched. Get up, get it done. He will make you laugh, but most importantly, he keeps it real at any level! It all happens in 30 minutes. The sweat is real and you'll immediately feel good, despite the challenges, through his infectious positivity and his passion to inspire at any age!

- Stefanie S

"I never thought I'd break a sweat during the warm-up of a workout until I took Matt's class."

- Kristy G. 

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