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You Are What You Consume!

What do you consume daily?

The food you consume, the books you consume, the television shows you consume, the conversations you consume, the social media posts that you consume, the products, the clothes, the cars any of the gadgets and electronics that you consume

You become a direct product of the things that you consume on a daily basis. They shape not only your physical being, but also they shape you on various levels mentally, emotionally and often times spiritually.

Many people find their personal identity in their consumption. Right? They even find their perceived value or importance based on what kinds of clothes they can buy, the cars they can drive, the home they can purchase. A large chunk of America even places judgement, importance and measures success by the amount of consumption one makes.

The size of the house, the luxury brand car, the designer clothes - equating that to and I quote “being successful.” Right or wrong, that is what many people do each and every day. And in today’s world many people find their identity in their job title, cars they drive, the zip code they live in, the clothes they wear, the amount of money they make, the things they buy, you name it. In strong contrast to how your grandparents probably grew up, including my grandparents. They found their identity through vastly different channels because a lot of the stuff we have access to now, they didn’t.

So, I’m driving towards the major point of today’s discussion that we are to choose what we consume because If you’re constantly consuming junk food then you’re going to become overweight, unhealthy and have a body that you’re not happy with or confident in.

If your’e constantly watching the news and reading all the negative things going on in the world then you’re more than likely going to become a negative person. You may become depressed and paranoid about your future. If you’re always consuming negative conversations with your circle of friends, odds are you will be a glass half-empty person before too long.

On the flip side, if you’re always consuming real nutrition, whole foods daily, you will most likely be a healthy, happy, fit person. If you fill your mind by consuming positive, enriching, educational books and television shows, your outlook, your life, your future is going to be a lot brighter.

If you consume and engage in positive communication with a good circle of motivated people, odds are you’re going to reap the positive benefits of these conversations and these individuals.

At the end of the day, we are a product of what we choose to consume from the shoes on our feet to the product we put in our hair, from the food we eat to the house that we live in. We become a product of the overall environment that we place ourselves in. So if you’re looking at your life and you are not where you want to be or for whatever the reason is, take a closer look.

What types of books are you reading, what types of television shows are you watching, what types of friends do you have, what are most of your conversations about and what types of foods are you eating.

You have control over every single day of your life when it comes to what you eat, what you watch, what you read, who you talk to, what you choose to buy and what you choose to place value on. We become what we consume. And you and only you have the power to change that. And if you need to make a change, make the change today.

Stay positive, stay happy, stay motivated and continue to make your Future greater than your Past.

- Matt

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