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Developing a Positive Mindset

It’s easy to have a good attitude when things are going your way or when you’re happy or just doing well. But how are you when things aren’t going well?

For me, I get bent out of shape and stressed. I show my taurus side by getting moody and stubborn.

If you’ve been working extremely hard on something and the results aren’t producing the way you hoped, then what’s your attitude towards that?

If we have a growth mindset attitude during the dark times, then it becomes a game changer! Our minds are powerful. The stories we tell ourselves and things we believe about can either prevent change from happening or allow new skills to develop.

Meanwhile, someone with a growth mindset would be willing to try something new or go after a challenge even if they failed at first. They see failures and setbacks as an indication that they should continue to develop their skills, rather than giving up or giving in.

People who have a growth mindset attitude are more likely maximizing their potential. They turn to learn from criticism, rather than ignoring it. To overcome challenges, rather than avoiding them.

It’s hard to get better or improve if your beliefs and attitudes hold you back. So think to yourself, what’s my attitude like? Is it worth catching?

Stay positive, stay happy, stay motivated and continue to make your Future greater than your Past.

- Matt

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